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Inspection Solution and Cloud Management

Aircraft Inspection needs a considerable amount of time, aside from physically inspecting the aircraft, you need to deal with a huge amount of paperwork for your inputs, reviewing maintenance records and log reports.

With ELEVATE, we harness the power of technology to simplify everything for the user's end. The platform is sync up by our mobile application and the CMS which goes hand-in-hand to achieve its objectives.

Central monitoring system (CMS)

This is the backend-office program of ELEVATE, from centralize data updating, file repository and sharing, to progress monitoring. Here you can see the big picture of your project and easily spot holes and overlaps in your schedule and quickly make adjustments.

The best part? As your engineers updates their mobile app while performing the inspection, In real time, those data will be sent to our cloud and push down to CMS so that your backend office and the management will know quickly the status. No need to run around and run back and forth just to deliver the crucial information to everyone. Below are one of the features of ELEVATE.

Fully Secured

We take privacy and security seriously. Our application is robust in design in protecting your data!


It allows you to quickly change and customize informations and data on a go without any hassle!

Task Monitoring

Gives you a full overview of the buckets of task you and your team have!

Cloud Integrated

Sync up everything in the could safely with our Wasabi Cloud Computing parter and get updates real time!

Built-in Portfolio

You can track, manage and work on your projects with a full overview!

Quick Capture

A worry free feature, you can take photo of the specific object related to your task anytime you want!

All Technology

Available in all technology platforms for great working experience! Download the ELEVATE mobile app for your iPad or Android tablet to plan your projects and work with your team s on the go.

Modules Ready

We have a built-in and ready to use modules for Airlines, MROs and Aircraft leasing companies and wish to work and start swiftly on their projects.

Easy to Use & Customize

Our modules can be customized based on your current configuration arrangement and can cater not only a dozen aircafts but for your entire fleet.

Built-in Analytics

Get a quick insight on your projects and see how is the progress going on anytime and anythere. This will help you and the stakeholders for your quick decision making in your projects.

Great for Collaboration

The days of collaborative working are here. Our technology is also purely intended for collaboration thus aiming to improve efficiency and productivity of every team members. And getting your objective done fast and ahead of the deadline.

Cloud Power Based Technology for Aviation Industry

This is made possible because of our complex dedicated private cloud server in partner with Wasabi Cloud Technology. It plays a vital role in fulfilling file sharing, collaboration, synchronize information and application needs. With our technology platform in the cloud, users can access their accounts anywhere, anytime.

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