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Since the inception of this firm,
we are fully committed to help and develop
innovative solutions to our clients.
And with greater demand, we focus on
what is really necessary to solve their problem.
This is how we value our meaningful services.


We empower people to change the world
with an opportunity to make an extraordinary
impact on the trajectory of the world’s
leading institutions.


At Paladin, our main core business is
collaboration,we believe that working
together would develop innovative approach
that would cater on this very competitive
environment. We also align to a closely-knit
network and develop distinctive depth and
expertise that enables each individual to
build capabilities at our clients.

What we do
  • Digital Cloud services
  • Cloud System Integration
  • Management and Security

We're in partner with one of the cloud service provider. Through this we can help to make cutting edge technologies more affordable. Economies of scale can be achieved and are making the sophisticated capabilities of deep learning affordable to a wider audience.

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  • Data Analytics
  • Data Batch Processing
  • Application Development

The market for Big Data and analytics technology is in a state of fast change and rapid growth. With our best engineers and data scientist, we firmly believe we can achieve the objectives in no time.

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  • Aircraft Inspection
  • Remarketing Services
  • Records Management via Cloud

Our AeroSyanptic program composed of licensed engineers and some prominent executives in aviation industry. We understand the importance keeping aircraft operational for our customers and our team of experienced aircraft engineers combined technical knowledge with operational experience are on hand right around the clock to support you.

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  • Value Engineering
  • MRO Support

Our services ensure the availability of the right part, in the right quantity, at the right place, in the right condition, with the right quality and with the right certification, It is thefore vital for us in achieving the desired objective of meeting service levels. That is why we have the best team who soley monitor this services for you.

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  • Remote Engineering Support™
  • Customer Service Support

We can also provide work force which will cater base on your needs. From planning, to customer service or perhaps online support specially those airlines who wants to handle their booking and help desk service.

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  • Project Management
  • HM Operation Support

Our add-on services includes major support in any adhoc projects. Or those abrupt vital operation that you might need a quick and tailored services.

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Aircraft Inspection Solution and Cloud Data Management

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Cloud Storage Technology for Aviation Industry

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